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My Videos

I've started making tribute/fan videos. Please enjoy!!

Eric Myers/Quantum Ranger

Quantum Fire!!
Eric Myers tribute video! Yay!!

Power Rangers

The Recycled Empire [parody trailer]
[Parody] Trailer to a new Power Rangers movie where only one color can save the day.

Videos With Power Rangers Music

Mighty Morphin' Organization XII
My first Kingdom Hearts video!

Kingdom Hearts Turbo
The first of my KH/PR opening videos.

Kingdom Hearts in Space
The second of my KH/PR opening videos, using the full-length song.

Kingdom Hearts Lightspeed Rescue
Lightspeed gets a KH make-over!

Kingdom Hearts Ninja Storm
KH PR-related video, this one goes ninja!

Kingdom Hearts in Space [version 2]
Version 2 of the full-length Space opening. I like this one better than the other one I made.

Mighty Morphin' Bleach Rangers
Who says Ichigo and gang can't be Rangers? For one, they share the same [voice] actor.

Mighty Morphin'... Public Workers?!
When public workers are put in charge of city defense... move far away!!

Go, Go, Exorcists!
D.Gray-Man video to the full-length opening song.


Takari ~ Love Conquers All
My first Takari video!

Patamon Tribute!
My first Patamon video! (It has PataGato in it too!)

Takari ~ A Lifetime Loving You
My first animated Takari video. I'm so proud of it!

Sailor Moon (Anime, Musicals, & Live Action)

The Mercury's of SeraMyu
My first video!

"Knockin' Down Hesitation" Extended Ver. w/ ANZA & Marina
Timed clips to the song performed by ANZA.

"Drive Me The Mercury" w/ Chieko & Manami
Timed clips to the song performed by Kawabe Chieko.

Sailor Moon "Make-Up!"
A Pretty Guardian opening to the Tokyo Mew Mew English song.

"Going Under" ~ Tribute to Dark Mercury
A tribute to the live action-only character, Dark Mercury, played by Chisaki Hama.


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Fandoms include the above and...
Excel Saga
Darker Than BLACK
Kingdom Hearts
...and more!!

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